Tezos 2020 - Predictions and Rumors (Part 1 - Security Tokens)

There are a lot of rumors floating around in the Tezos community about some big announcements coming in 2020. Most of these center on upcoming name drops with some huge companies that will pump the markets.

Outside of Tezos, many have predicted that security tokens will rapidly grow in 2020 and eventually replace the unregulated and often illegitimate ICO boom

Above: Novum Insights presentation on Security Tokens in London

New Security Token standards and software are being built on Tezos. The idea is that Tezos can have a competitive advantage in the institutional smart contract space with formally verified smart contracts that will enable increased security and confidence in smart contract instruments.

Equisafe recently announced NYX protocol, a new financial instrument on Tezos which is suited to institutional applications. The Nyx standard is a set of 4 smart contracts which include 160 predefined business logic rules.

Also, work is being done to implement secure custody. Formally verified multisig contracts can allow for cold storage with simultaneous management of smart contracts.

In summary, If Tezos can capitalize on the forthcoming STO boom, it will be positioned for tremendous growth. The main concerns for token issuers and institutions will likely center on the readiness of the technology, and more abstractly, whether the on-chain governance and upgradeability is a desired feature for a blockchain storing billions of dollars in tokens.