Payzos will allow merchants to convert Tezos payment to Stablecoin automatically using DEX, bypassing centralized processors like Bitpay

Payzos is a novel payment service that consists of several plugins for popular e-commerce platforms, including WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, and OpenCart. Right now, the WooCommerce plugin has been published, and other plugins will be released soo. 

Payzos will in the future allow E-Commerce merchants to accept Tezos cryptocurrency for purchases, and immediately convert their revenue to a Stablecoin of their choosing such as USD-C or Tether. 

Most existing crypto payment gateways like the ones offered by Bitpay and Coinbase use centralized exchange, which incurs additional fees. These centralized platforms will not doubt require more KYC and AML information to process payments in the future as regulations continue to mount on Fintech. Therefore a fully decentralized payment gateway could be a much needed tool in years to come, and Payzos is building towards that future.